Covid-19: Hygiene regulations at the Hotel Art Nouveau (currently not active)

La Vita e Bella - despite Covid-19!

Even in times of Covid-19, our team wants you to feel safe and comfortable in our hotel. In our small and fine boutique hotel we apply the rules of hygiene as required - consistently, but by no means obtrusively or pushy.

Disinfectant dispensers are available in the foyers. If desired, we can also provide you with disinfectants and nose-mouth masks.

For breakfast you will be served directly at the table by our service staff. The employees wear gloves and face masks. Self-service at the breakfast buffet is unfortunately not permitted at present. Per request, we will also serve breakfast in your room.

Room service at the Hotel Art Nouveau

Room service at the Hotel Art Nouveau is always in the hands of the same staff - they also wear hygiene masks and gloves. In addition to the usual cleaning service, all handles and surfaces are disinfected. If you would like to do without our room service, simply let us know. If necessary, we will just empty the trash cans and change the towels.

The public toilets in the foyers on the second and fourth floors are also regularly cleaned and disinfected every 2 hours.

We thank you for your trust and wish you a pleasant stay in Berlin.

Yours, Ingo Bethke, June 2020